UV Contact Lenses

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Glass White Contact Lenses

1 Day, 1 Month, 3 Month
From $23.99

Vino Red Contact Lenses

1 Day, 1 Month, 3 Month
From $23.99

Mal Chick Yellow Contact Lenses

1 Day, 1 Month
From $23.99

Climax Pink Contact Lenses

1 Day, 1 Month
From $23.99

Billy Boy Blue Contact Lenses

1 Day, 1 Month
From $23.99



Light up the room with our range of UV glow contact lenses. Dazzle your friends with a glance at your next Halloween party, night out clubbing, or special event. With our specially designed range of clever contacts, the possibilities are endless.

Our UV Halloween contact lenses are designed to give your friends a fright under UV light. Choose a set and get ready to scare with your glowing glare.


You’ll be shocked at just how convincing our UV lenses can be. Don’t be surprised if some of your friends start wearing garlic around their necks to ward off your supernatural presence

We have a whole rainbow of colours available to help you achieve the right effect. Choose from our red, white, yellow, and blue UV contact lenses and create your character. This range is perfect for vampire costumes, aliens, zombies, pixies, or werewolves. Dress as your favourite film or TV show character or create your own glowing alter-ego.

You don’t have to use our lenses for a costume. Who needs glow sticks or bracelets when you can make your eyes blaze? Use our glow lenses at your next rave party to take the dance floor to another level.


Our UV Halloween contact lenses might cause discomfort for those around you, but they are completely safe and comfortable for the wearer.
All of our contact lenses are made out of non-irritable materials that are harmless when used correctly. All you have to do is follow the instructions for hours of riskfree fun.

If you want your lenses to last a little longer, we have 1 day, 1 month, and 3 month options. This way, you can glow for days. People might start to think you’re actually from outer space.


Our UV glow contact lenses are reactive to UV or blacklight. This is achieved with special glow inks. All you have to do is find the right light. When the contacts are under normal light, they will appear to be clear or a pastel colour. This depends on which set you buy.

For more information and product specifications, click on an individual set of lenses and read on.


If you’ve left your costume prep to the last minute, don’t give up! We have fast free shipping options for all of our Australian customers. Choose from priority or express shipping and keep your eyes peeled for your package.

Our staff are almost superhuman. We’ll do our best to have your order packed and shipped ASAP so that you can complete your costume on time. For more delivery information take a look at our shipping page.


You don’t have to leave the special effects to the professionals anymore. Use our range of UV Halloween contact lenses to look like you’re starring in the latest Hollywood horror flick. Our affordable range of contacts will make you look a million bucks with minimal effort.

Got a question about our spooky lenses? Feel free to get in touch with us via the contact form or give us a call.