Mini Sclera

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Mini Sclera Black 17mm Contact Lenses

1 Day, 1 Month, 3 Month
From $24.99

Mini Sclera Red 17mm Contact Lenses

1 Day, 1 Month, 3 Month
From $24.99



Your natural eye colour will be completely out of sight with our whacky range of supernatural contacts. Mess with the shape of your eye without any effort at all and freak your friends this Halloween. Choose mini sclera set for a maximum effect.

Our spooky collection of mini sclera lenses are available all year round. Why limit your fun to just one day? Wear a set to spice up your next fancy dress party, cosplay event, rave, or just a casual trip to the library. Our customers are creeping out librarians all around Australia.


Give the phrase ‘eye-catching’ a brand new meaning with an eerie set of mini sclera Halloween contacts. Our high-quality lenses are so convincing, you might have trouble persuading your friends that you aren't a monster after all. Be warned, our extreme range of contacts aren't for the faint-hearted. Maybe don't wear them to your Sunday lunch with Grandma.

Get creative with our superhuman sclera lenses. You can style them in your way to create the costume of your choice. Impersonate a vampire, alien, zombie, demon, or cosplay one of your favourite characters.

Enchant, intimidate, or fascinate this Halloween with a unique set of contact lenses.


It might look like you’re in serious pain, but our mini sclera contacts are completely safe to wear. Our manufacturers use materials that ensure safety and comfort.

You make it seem like you have bloodshot eyes or no vision while seeing clearly all night long. All you have to do is follow the instructions that come with your set for hours of eerie entertainment. 
If you want the fun to continue, you can choose from a range of 1 day, 1 month, or 3 month set of mini sclera lenses. A long-running look will help you convince people you're actually supernatural. Why not scare your ex into thinking you can summon the devil? Whatever your reasons for moulding your sclera, we have a set for you.


Have you left your costume prep to the last minute? Don’t give up! We have fast free shipping options available for all of our mini sclera Halloween contacts. Choose from priority or express shipping and have your costume completed in no time.

Our team members are almost superhuman. They’ll have your order processed and shipped out ASAP to make sure you still have a chance to win best dressed.

For more delivery information, take a look at our shipping page.


You don’t have to leave the special effects to the big Hollywood studios anymore. Use our mini sclera Halloween contacts to rival professional makeup artists. You can take your Halloween look to the next level with one simple step.

Choose from our wide range of colours and kooky designs and you’ll be sure to impress. If you have any questions about our lenses, feel free to fill in the online contact form or give us a call.