The Most Popular Colours for Contact Lenses

If you’re new to the world of coloured lenses and you don’t know what to try first, it’s easy to go with what’s popular. 

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the most popular colours for contact lenses. Instead of stressing about which colour to buy, you can pick any colour from our list of suggestions and you’ll be sure to dazzle with your new look. 

We ship coloured contact lenses Australia wide with free shipping. 

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To be honest, if you follow your heart you can’t go wrong. Pick the coloured contacts that make your heart beat faster and you are definitely onto a winner. 

To get that heart beating, take a look at these amazing colour ideas. 

Find your true love here. 


No, we aren’t talking about the 90’s band who wrote Barbie Girl, but they were pretty cool too. Aqua is one of the most sought after eye colours in the world. 

The perfect balance between natural and otherworldly, you can pull off a complete transformation with these marine coloured lenses. 

We have two shades of aqua coloured contact lenses that might get your heart fluttering. 

colours for contact lenses

These aqua blue lenses are a striking blue that can only transport you into the depths of the deep sea. 

Become the mysterious mermaid you’ve always wanted to be and enchant your friends with a deep blue hue. 

 colours for contact lenses

These jade green lenses capture the colour of more tropical waters. 

Perhaps your mermaid lives in Bora Bora or the Maldives? 

You can browse through our complete collection of blue and green lenses to find the perfect aqua hue for you. 


No, we aren't talking about the hit show Grey’s Anatomy, but you might need to visit a doctor after you see what beautiful grey eyes we have in store for you. 

Hold on to your heart medication, these grey contacts are certain to get you excited. 

Grey is one of the most popular colours for contact lenses because of it’s mysterious quality. Look cool and detached with your new grey outlook of the world.  

colours for contact lenses  

These Maria white coloured contacts capture a snowstorm in your eyes. There is a dangerously cool quality to these contacts — be careful to stay humble. 

colours for contact lenses  

These aqua/grey blend eye contacts are the perfect balance of colour and shadow. 

The mix of colours adds a depth that draws people in and makes them wonder what you’re thinking. 

Capture attention with your unique stare.


The best coloured contacts for beginners are natural shades. 

There is nothing more flattering than enhancing your natural colour. A subtle shift will blend effortlessly into your existing look and everyone will assume these are your natural eyes. 

Hazel is a great option for those who want to lighten or darken their natural brown eye colour. We have a variety of hazel shades available online now. All you have to do is pick the colour that makes your heart beat faster.  

 colours for contact lenses

These natural hazel contacts are perfect for a subtle change. 

Emulate the colour of the forest or your favourite vegetarian vampires with a perfect pair of hazel contacts. 

Check out our full collection of hazel colours and find the perfect pair for you. 

It doesn’t matter what the most popular colours for contact lenses are — it just matters that you are happy. 

Check out our full range now and pick the pair that bring you joy. 


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