The Mismatched Eye Colour Trend

2019 is the year of mismatching. 

Not convinced? Check out this year’s most talked about trend at Fashion Week in NYC. Everyone is wearing mismatched shoes! Now, if we can draw your attention to the opposite end of the body, it’s time to talk about the mismatched eye colour trend. 

We’ve all seen celebrities wear coloured contact lenses for various reasons. Whether you’re Robert Pattinson and you need that hazel vegetarian vampire look, or you’re a member of BTS and you change your eye colour every 5 minutes to keep fans on their toes.


But now, it’s all about mismatching your eye colour. 

Some could argue this trend is popularised by the late David Bowie’s iconic heterochromia eyes, but wherever it came from, this trend is catching on. 

Why try a mismatched eye colour look? 

Every year, it gets harder and harder to reinvent beauty trends. People want to have fun with their look without going to heaps of effort (or surgically altering their body). While trying a new eye colour is great fun, mismatching is a cool way to experiment with beauty standards. 

Other people see this trend as a kind of protest against traditional beauty. Like David Bowie, people who go for a mismatched eye colour look are celebrating asymmetrical faces — faces that aren’t perfect but are beautiful in their own way. 

You can celebrate the weird, imperfect, and beautiful by playing around with different mismatched colour combinations. Some artists even use a coloured lens to comment on uniqueness, and celebrate it! 

How to Create a Mismatched Eye Colour Look 

Unless you've been blessed with heterochromia eyes like Mr. Bowie, you’ll have to get creative with your own look. There are a couple of ways you can get your eyes to mismatch: 

Photo Editing 

If you want this look for your Instagram or your art project, photo editing is a great option. This will also help you play around with different colours if you aren’t ready to buy a set of lenses straight away. 

Here is a tutorial on how to change your eye colour in Photoshop. There are also a bunch of Apps in the App store that you can use on your phone. 

Coloured Contact Lenses 

Once you’ve decided on your colour combinations, it’s time to invest in some coloured contacts. You can buy one set and pair one colour with your natural eye or buy more than one set and switch up the combinations. 

Our contacts have different lifetimes — some last for a day, others for a month, 3 months, or a year. Choose the duration that suits you and get double the wear out of every set (since you’ll only be wearing one at a time). 

Browse through our complete range of eye contacts now and find the best coloured contact lenses for your mismatched look. 

We only supply high-quality, beautiful coloured lenses to our customers. Get creative and celebrate your uniqueness now. 

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