Sclera Contact Lens Costume Ideas

Instead of going with any basic costume at your next fancy dress event, try something new. 

It’s time to think outside of the box and consider all of the options you have to work with in 2020. It’s no surprise that many people come to us for contact lens costume ideas — we are the experts! 

To help you get inspired for your next costume event, we are going to share a few ideas on how you can use Sclera contact lenses to create a one of the kind spooky look. 

While you’re here, make sure you take a look at our full collection of contacts. We have something for everyone — whether you’re after something completely out of this world or a more natural option. 

Our Sclera Contact Lens Costume Ideas 

The Sclera is also known as the white part of your eye. Sclera contacts either cover the whole whites of your eyes or conceal part of it. We call our partially concealed range the ‘Mini Sclera’. 

Here are some Halloween costume ideas to help you style your full Sclera lenses: 

Black Sclera contact lenses (will turn your whole eye black) 

  • Demon from Supernatural - The long-running television program is a spooky season staple. It is famous for demons who reveal themselves by turning their eyes black.  

  • Make a crying white Nun costume with this tutorial. A simple bit of white and black makeup plus some white cloth can make you a truly spine chilling costume for your next party. 

  • Day of the dead inspired skull makeup is always a cool way to incorporate a Mexican tradition into your creepy costume. Black lenses complement any black and white skull makeup. 

  • Dress a Zombie - everyone knows Zombies are the living dead. And what says dead more than two lifeless black eyes looking out at you. Add some makeup (if in doubt, plain white contrasts well with the black) and get creative! 

contact lens costume ideas

Red full eye contact lenses (will turn your whole eye red) 

  • Mix and match! The mismatched eye colour trend is here to stay in 2020. Pair a full black eye with a red eye and watch people try and figure out what they are looking at. 

  • Nothing says the Devil more than a pair of red coloured contacts. Everyone knows that red is his signature colour. Pop your red contacts in, grab some horns and a sexy red costume and you will win any fancy dress costume. 

  • When a vampire has finished drinking blood, their eyes are said to turn red. This is thanks to all the fresh blood they’ve taken from their victim. Choose black to look like a hungry vampire and red to look like you’ve just eaten. 

  • We made sure to include some basic contact lens costume ideas just in case you are working with last-minute plans. Grab a cheap red wig from the dollar shop, some red makeup and any red clothes you have — put your red costume on and tell everyone you are fire. 


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