How to Choose the Most Natural Looking Coloured Contact Lenses

Natural coloured contact lenses  are taking over the world in 2020. 

We saw a huge rise in popularity over the last year that we expect to continue for a long time yet. This is just the beginning of the coloured contact craze. 

If you’re having trouble finding coloured contacts that look natural, you’ve come to the right place. We have a stunning collection of beautiful lenses that will blend seamlessly with your look. 

Now that you’ve found the perfect place to get the most natural looking coloured contacts, there are a few tips you can use to match the right colour with your look. 

Your skin tone, hair colour, and natural eye colour will determine how ‘natural’ your lenses look once you have them in. 

Of course, these tips are just a guide to maximise your chances of achieving a ‘born this way’ glow. You can try any colour in our natural range and have a convincing instant change of eye colour. 

Choosing the most natural looking coloured contacts for your look 

The easiest way to choose a pair of flattering lenses is to consider your skin tone. There are three main categories of skin tone — warm, neutral, and cool. 

You can figure out your skin tone here. 

Warm Skin Tone 

The warm tone means you have a golden or yellow undertone in your skin. You can complement your tone by choosing golden brown or hazel lenses, or add a nice highlight by going with light blue or green. 

Cool Skin Tone 

Cool undertones are blue. This tone of skin can clash with bolder colours — try out a blue or grey colour first. If you want to try other colours, consider an option that is blended with one of these colours. 

Neutral Skin Tone 

Neutral skin is a mix of both. This means many colours will suit you! You can use other factors to help you figure out which colour will suit best. 

The next thing to consider is hair colour. 

The most natural looking coloured contacts will blend in with your hair colour and make it look like you were born that way. 

Brown Hair 

There are a lot of colour variations in the eyes of natural brunettes. That means that most colours will pass as natural. If you need more guidance, look up celebrities with the same brown shade and see what their natural eye colour looks like. If someone else has it, you can pull it off too. 

Blonde Hair 

Bright blue, green, and aqua colours look amazing on all types of blondes. You can achieve a bold contrast while still pulling off a natural look. 

Black Hair 

Black hair looks amazing with bright green lenses (think Harry Potter) or a deep, dark colour. Think about dark blue or grey for a natural stunning look. 

The next element to consider is your natural eye colour. 

Dark Eyes 

The best contact lenses for dark eyes are opaque. Try to avoid a transparent colour lens unless you want some of your natural shade to peek through. Try to choose bright or deep colours that will be able to compete with your exisiting colour. 

Light Eyes 

Light eyes allow you to blend a shade with your existing colour and achieve a natural tinted look. You also have a lot of bold colour options if you want a complete transformation. 

Take a look at our complete collection of the most natural looking coloured contacts now. Find your perfect shade and get free shipping on all orders. 


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