How to Celebrate Halloween in Australia

Halloween in Australia can be tricky for both locals and foreigners to understand. While some argue that the American holiday has no place here, others open their homes to trick-or-treaters, ghouls, and ghosts.

Instead of getting caught up in debates about the spooky season and it’s relevance here, why not relax and have a bit of fun?

If you do plan on celebrating Halloween in Australia, we have some tips that will make your day uniquely down-under.

Halloween in Australia Vs America

  • remember that it is usually much warmer during  October in Australia - don’t pick a costume that you will overheat in

  • remember that not everyone participates - don’t be surprised if your neighbours don’t  hand out lollies to everyone who turns up at their house

  • with that in mind, many neighbourhoods set up a network for the kids who want to participate - chat to your neighbours to organise your own Halloween

  • adults tend to use this date as an excuse to throw a themed costume party (as if you needed an excuse?) so don’t be surprised if your friends appropriate this American holiday for their own benefit

  • how popular is Halloween in Australia? The popularity increases every year — it is still very different to the US where almost everyone participates, but you can see more and more houses with decorations, and more and more shops selling themed goods — you can always trust capitalism to give you a gauge on popularity


Iconic Australian Themed Halloween Costumes

Put an Aussie spin on Halloween and dress up as one of your favourite national icons. We’ve put a list of some of our best down-under themed costume ideas, just in case you needed a little inspiration.

  • Steve Irwin (RIP) or any other member of the Irwin family — just wear khaki from head to toe 

  • Crocodile Dundee — hot tip: use a blunt prop knife instead of a real one to avoid being arrested

  • Australian animals — celebrate our natural fauna before climate change kicks in

  • Corey Worthington — don’t forget the iconic yellow sunglasses

  • Mel and Koshie — a throwback to the dynamic morning show duo

  • Lee Lin Chin and her asymmetrical outfits
  • A tall poppy

  • Bananas in pyjamas

  • Kath and Kim — a real crowd pleaser

  • Carl and Susan — walk around all night singing the Neighbours theme song = truly terrifying

  • A Gold Logie

  • The lighthouse from Round the Twist


Your Halloween will be complete if you get into the true Aussie spirit of self-deprecation. Find a way to make fun of yourself or our nation and you are sure to rack up the complements. 

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Enjoy your Australian Halloween!


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