Glowing Eyes for Halloween Costumes

Imagine this:

You hear a knock on the door. The sun has gown down. It’s October 31st.

You walk down the hallway. One step, then another. As you turn the knob  of the door, the wind blows through the crack and makes a spooky howling sound.

You swing the door wide open. A hooded creature stands on your doorstep. In the dark, you can’t make out their face and their eyes are shut.

Their eyes suddenly flick open and you are met with a glowing stare.

They speak the fatal words: “trick…or treat?”.

You die of fright. Or amazement. Or shear jealously.

The hooded creature leaves you crumpled on your doorstep and stalks off into the night, looking for their next victim.

Imagine this:

You are the hooded creature.

You bought some glowing eyes for your Halloween costume in advance.

You didn’t mean to scare your friend to death with your new glowing look, but who has a blacklight shining on their front porch?

You run away so you don’t get arrested by the police.


Glowing Eyes for Halloween Costumes

Write your own spooky Halloween memoir with your own set of light-up eyeballs. Most of the time, your story will end with a best-dressed prize, or a night of glow in the dark fun — not arrest.

Make your Halloween costume pop this year with our UV Halloween coloured contacts.

How do UV glow contact lenses work?

This type of contact lens is infused with a special ink that is reactive to UV blacklight. Under regular lighting or daylight, your lenses will be clear, or a pastel version of whichever colour you have purchased.

They are completely safe and comfortable to wear and require no prescription.

Glowing Eye Costume Ideas

If you’re looking for glowing eyes for your Halloween costume, you probably already have a character in mind. Here are some ideas in case you need some inspiration or want to recycle your glowing look from last year.

  • Creature in the dark: wear all black and a black balaclava (or full-body suit), paint your face black to match, and pop in some glowing lenses. This way you can fade into the darkness of the dance floor and let your eyes be the only visible feature.

  • Thor: no-one will expect the god of thunder to be wearing UV glow lenses. Surprise everyone under UV light and you will look like you are conjuring some lightning.

  • Teen-Wolf: ok confession time. This is a great teen show and basically all of the characters have glowing eyes. Whether you’re an alfa werewolf with red eyes, a member of the pack with blue, or another supernatural creature that has visited Beacon Hills, we have you covered.

  • A surprise cat: everyone loves a cat costume. Take yours to another level with a pair of glowing eyes.


Check out our UV Collection

If you’re looking for glowing eyes for Halloween costumes, check out our range of UV glow lenses.

We’ve got all the colours you need to create a rainbow of spooky Halloween looks. If you have any questions about our collection, please get in touch.

We’d love to hear from you.



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