Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

Struggling to find inspiration for your Halloween look this year? Did you use up your best idea last year? Or maybe you’re a newcomer to this whole fancy dress thing?

Whatever the reason you’ve come looking for easy Halloween costume ideas, we have you covered. With our Halloween eye contacts, you can completely transform with one simple step.

Pop in your contact lenses and go!

Creative Halloween Costume Ideas

Transforming your eye colour might seem extreme, but the process is more simple than you think. All you have to do is apply a special set of supernatural lenses and watch while everyone around you freaks out. Minimal effort required.

Here are some easy Halloween costume ideas that work by just changing your eye colour:

  • UV lenses are great if you know your party venue has a blacklight. You can punk everyone by making it seem like you’ve come with no costume, then reveal your glowing glare on the dance floor.

    Come as the enhanced version of you.
  • Obscure your entire eye with a pair of blackout contacts that make it seem like you’ve been possessed.
  • Make it look like you’ve joined the Cullen clan with a set of vampire contacts. You can be a vegetarian or a blood drinker with our colour options.
  • Reveal your inner alien with one subtle change. Imagine rolling into the Halloween party as yourself, then watching with delight as people meet your gaze and realise something has changed.
  • Grab some cat ears for your head and some cat contacts for your eyes and you'll have a fuss-free look that turns heads and delights feline fanatics. Come with your cat for bonus points.
  • Dress in your favourite colour and have the eyes that match. This is a really fun fancy dress option that is less spooky and more cutesy.
  • You can pick anything from our Xtreme collection and pair it with your normal clothes to make a statement at your next fancy dress party.

Alternative Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

There are plenty of other low-fuss ways you can prepare for Halloween this year. Take a look at our collection of special effects for more easy costume tools.

  • Grab a bottle of fake blood and smear it wherever you like. You can even put it on your clothes — this stuff washes out!
  • Want to take your fake blood look to the next level? Create your own cool scabs with our fake scab solution. It will seem like you’ve been well and truly maimed this year.
  • Face paint is a great option if you aren’t exactly sure what look you want to go for. You can even share with a friend and get two costumes done in one go. Try drawing spiderwebs or doing a ‘day of the dead’ inspired look for beginners. There are plenty of face painting tutorials on YouTube if you need help.

Easy Character Costume Ideas

Want the easy Halloween costume ideas that are the least effort? Here are some costumes you can try if you have well and truly left it to the last minute.

  • cut some holes in a sheet and pretend to be a ghost
  • take some inspiration from Jim (The Office) who always had savvy low effort costume ideas 


  • blow up some balloons and come as a bunch of grapes
  • wrap yourself in toilet paper to transform into a mummy
  • dress all in one colour

We hope you found the inspiration you needed for your next costume party. Make sure you check out our entire collection of whacky contact lenses for an eye-catching look this Halloween.


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